Holly Hurst’s Home Birth

 When I got the call early yesterday that it was go time, I was rushing around like a madwoman! Dave was kind enough to find me some socks  and put the address into my phone GPS, while I dressed and gathered my equipment.  When I arrived at the house, it was full of excited  family and Holly was already in active labor.  It was something to behold, as she listened to her body, and with support of all these strong women in the room (mothers, midwife, and birth assistants) , brought Jeremy 2.0 into the world!  Big Jeremy was an amazing support as well. It’s always so awesome to see the father be involved with the birth and lovingly support his partner in her journey.

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          Amy Reynolds from the Ocala Birth Center was her midwife. I have known Amy for sometime because of the LLL and her birth services in Ocala, and I was excited to get to see her in action! Often family would peek into the room to check on her or say a few words, definitely the most people I have ever seen at a birth.  Holly is such a lucky woman, surrounded with plenty of love and support.

I would like to thank Holly and Jeremy for  allowing me to witness their miracle yesterday, it was a powerful and bonding experience!  The doula in me occasionally came out, as I would sometimes call out encouragement to her during the process, AND though you can’t tell through these photos, I was crying along with everyone in the room when Jeremy 2.0 finally made it into his mother’s waiting arms!

2 thoughts on “Holly Hurst’s Home Birth

  1. Having Jackie at the home birth of my son was so exciting. I couldn’t wait to see my pictures. I could not believe how great they turned out seeing as i had 15 plus people in and out of the room and it being a somewhat smaller room with everyone and everything in there. . It was truely the greatest experience and to have pictures to save those kind of memories and be able to show my son how he was welcomed into our lives. I could not have imagined such a beautiful experience or to have pictures so amazing to tell the story of my baby boy being born. . Not only will i get to tell him the story of his birth but ill have pictures so show him how amazing and how happy we all were to see him for the first time. . . the pictures truely say it all, I may have to make him a book!! Thanks again Jackie!!

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