The Home Birth of Lorelei Chamomile Metatron

 Congratulations Rachael and Jurney on the homebirth of their daughter Lorelei Camomile Metatron!

She arrived on 2/4/13 at 7:21am weighing in at 7lbs 4oz.

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A couple of weeks ago, my friend Carol told me of a friend of hers that was expecting a child and traveling on the road. We connected her with my midwife friend Amy and she received maternal care from her. I met Rachael at The Ocala Birth Center and instantly liked her.  She was adorable and she had the maternal glow. About a week later, Amy asked me to join her to visit Rachael at their campsite. After hiking a couple of miles into the forest, Amy and I came to the realization that it wouldn’t be legal or safe to have the birth out there. Then came a hard decision, they didn’t know me well, vice versa, we have mutual friends, but still we all knew something needed to happen.  After lots of thought and discussion, it was decided that they would come with me. I have a spare room in my home (that had already been used as a labor room in the past) and worst case scenario  they could camp out on my land until the big moment.  I have a couple of acres of land, we have a family of great friends that live in a modified bus home, so there is a real communal feel to our space. Rach and Jurney fit in perfectly with our scene. They watched us homeschool our kids, played music and sang for them, showed them cool games. We made big meals together and learned about each others lives. Rachael graciously let me chatter on to her about birth and we watched my favorite water birthing movie together. She didn’t seem to have any fear in her about it, she was so connected to her body and her little girl inside, she was excited for it to start so they could finally meet.

I awoke to a phone call at 1:27 am  on February 3rd. It was Jurney, Rachael was having surges that were requiring all of her attention. We made tea and timed contractions for a little over an hour. Rachael went in for a shower and I called the midwife. After Amy, the midwife, confirmed that she was in active labor, I walked over to the bus house and awoke Tiffany. Tiffany is a close friend of mine, we have assisted at births together in the past, and she had developed a friendship with Rachael, so I knew her energy would be so helpful. Shortly after that, Rachael’s water broke and things progressed quickly from there. Jurney and Rachael climbed into the birth pool and went to their own intimate space. They shared their energy and really just relaxed into those last couple of centimeters. I was in awe of how peaceful she seemed in transition (those last couple of centimeters) and I felt inspired. At some point we moved to the bed for more effective pushing. Rachael worked and learned about the muscles she would need to use to push her baby out. After working for some time to bring her baby down, she was able to reach down and touch her precious head full of hair. After that, something changed, she reached inside of herself, grabbed hard unto her own legs and gave it all she had. We saw the Goddess emerge, there she was in all of her birthing glory!! That Goddess in all of us that have passed life through our bodies! Her pushing was focused and with purpose. Now I have been taking photos all along while acting as a birth assistant, and with her foot on my shoulder, I start snapping photos as that sweet little head popped out! I wasn’t long until the rest of her followed and we all greeted Lorelei to the world at 7:21 am. There was laughter, tears, kisses, and hugs. Quietly, Lorelei laid on her mothers chest and just took it all in. Never really protesting her eviction from her happy, warm space.  Later on, Lorelei snuggled and napped with her daddy, while us ladies looked after Mama and her postpartum care. After everything was said and done, The family snuggled warm in bed, and our little community filed into the room with sparkling wine and sparkling juice and we toasted Lorelei on her birthday. I even sang a couple of lines from the Beatles Birthday Song (a family tradition in our home).

I am so grateful for my time with Rachael, Jurney, and Lorelei. Our paths crossed for a reason and I believe we have become friends for life. I look forward to one day telling Lorelei of her birth in our home. ❤

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