Jing  was attended by Amy Reynolds, L.M.,C.P.M. at The Ocala Birth Center. Her mother and her toddler son were there, and her mother took some video to share with Jing’s husband, who is still in Egypt. Jing was in such great spirits and you can tell how excited she was to meet little Hebe. She allowed her son to play in the birth pool while she worked through her labor process. Shortly after he got out of the water, Jing was feeling ready to push. Her mother helped get into a good position and whispered words of encouragement to her. We couldn’t understand, because it was in Chinese but later Jing explained that she was encouraging her to keep pushing and not to be afraid. It wasn’t long before Hebe was in her mother’s arms peacefully. Got to love how relaxed those water babies are! I called the weight, right down to the ounce! (6lbs 11oz)

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