Isabella Emma Grace

Congratulations Josie, Darrell, 2 big sisters, and brother on the arrival of their new addition!

Little redheaded Isabella Emma Grace was born at The Ocala Birth Center on 8/05/13 at 9:22pm.

She weighed in at 6lbs 8oz 

I enjoyed documenting Josie’s labor. She had a lot of family with her, and the birth center was a buzz with excitement! The grandmothers and grandfather helped with the older children. Sometimes Josie would interact with the kids and sometimes she would take time alone to concentrate. Darrell was almost always by her side, giving her support and love. You will see in lots of these photos, Josie seems relaxed.   Josie allowed her oldest daughter, Jillian, to stay in the room for the birth. It was a very sweet and intimate birth. Her mother videotaped, and I photographed little Isabella’s entrance into the world. Daddy Darrell assisted Amy, the midwife, in “catching” Isabella and placing her on Josie’s chest. Being born in water, Isabella was a sweet and quiet baby that didn’t want to cry. She just stared into her mother’s eyes.  Once Josie and Isabella were settled, we invited the family back to meet the new baby. All the older kids were excited to hold and kiss their new little sister.

3 thoughts on “Isabella Emma Grace

  1. Amazing!
    Never say a birth like this before.
    So happy for the family and their
    Little bundle of joy Isabella😍

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