Journey Nala Rose

Journey Nala Rose helped us set a record at the birth center. She was one of two babies born on the same day, only an hour apart!!

Nadine showed up to the birth center on a clinic day in active labor. The staff quickly got busy setting up for birth and rescheduling the rest of that day’s appointments, while Nadine settled in to the birth room. Savannah reported having contractions, so the midwife, Amy, decided to finish that appointment, during which Savannah’s water broke. So we had a mama in each room. I was there as a birth assistant and photographer, so I had my hands full!! We quickly filled her tub and Nadine settled in for some relief. Josh, Nadine’s partner, was recording the labor, and making Nadine laugh. They talked and laughed throughout the labor, we joked that she was laughing the baby down. A little later, Nadine decided that she wanted to walk. We invited the laboring mama across the hall, and she accepted. The walk was really refreshing and it seemed to invigorate both mamas. Once we got back into the building, things were kicking and Nadine was feeling ready to meet her baby.  Nadine was so powerful and in control. She found the strength to push through.


Congrats Nadine, Josh, and 3 siblings (Cassara, Caelix, and Pheonix) on the waterbirth of Journey Nala Rose!

She arrived on 12/11/13 at 4:52pm, 7lbs 12oz.

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