Lindy’s Birth Story

When I first met Kelley, she told me about the birth of her son; how they started out at a birth center and in time, had to transfer to a hospital. There were invasive medical interventions, and later on, issues with jaundice and breastfeeding. They tried not to let their experience the first time around, stand in the way of what they knew they wanted. Kelley and John knew that it could happen differently, and they decided together to trust her body and the process enough to choose to birth their next child at a birth center again.  We made sure to encourage Kelley and make her feel safe and secure in her choice. Kelley and John prepared for birth using the Hypnobirthing and  Hypnobabies programs.  They both had great things to say about the program, and judging by how calm she remained throughout the process, I would say it’s worth looking into.

On April 2nd,  I had gotten to the birth center earlier than usual to set up for prenatal clinic. Amy, the midwife, contacted me to let me know that Kelley was in labor and was going to come in at at her scheduled appointment time. I went ahead and called all of our other clients for that day and rescheduled them until Thursday. Kelley’s birth kit was already there, so I set up the birth space for her.

Kelley came into the birth center calm, but breathy. Moments after she arrived, I heard the midwife call out my name. I ran over and found Kelley on all fours in the bathroom. Once the contraction ended, we helped her to the bed, so we could get an idea of how progressed she was. We quickly discovered that she was complete and ready to push, so I filled the tub.  Kelley climbed into the pool. She immediately let loose a sigh of relief as the hot water surrounded her body. She listened to her body and moved accordingly, wiggling her hips, and moving her legs.  John held a cool pack on her forehead. They shared some tender, intimate moments in the pool as they prepared to meet their child.

Before long, Lindy had crowned, but the contraction stopped, so Kelley waited to continue pushing.  That is when she reached down to realize just how close she was to the finish line! With Lindy’s head half out of her, Kelley exclaimed, “this is so much better than last time!” and with the next contraction, she she gave birth to their baby. Such a rush of joy, relief, and excitement overcame us all, as they embraced their sweet baby and each other, as they lifted her up and discovered together that they had a daughter!

Once Kelley made it back to bed with little Lindy, latching was not an issue. She nursed like a champ! Kelley, John, and Lindy had some bonding time, and then the room started to fill with family. Everyone passed Lindy around, and asked Kelley about her experience. John’s mother brought Eric to meet his little sister. He was curious about her, but more so just happy to see his mommy. Check out the last photo of the set, Eric is just hanging out in the birth pool. What a cutie!

Congratulations Kelley, Jon, and big brother Eric on the speedy water birth of Lindy Joanne!

She arrived at The Ocala Birth Center on 4/2/14 at 11:28am weighing in at 7lbs 12oz!

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