Chloe Noelle


“Chloe was my fourth child. I had always wanted to experience a natural birth with the aid of a midwife, but was too nervous to do so with my previous 3 pregnancies because of fears that weighed in from various family members. However, with each hospital birth my experience and recovery was worse each time. With my first child, born in a hospital, I was told to blow for 45 minutes even though I was ready to push because the doctor wasn’t there. My second child, born in a hospital, came fairly quick and I ended up hemorrhaging, but instead of massaging my stomach they gave me a shot to stop the bleeding and I had an allergic reaction and nearly passed out and fell off the bed because I couldn’t breath. It was a very scary experience. With my 3rd child, born in a hospital, the doctor was more concerned with going on vacation than the safety of me and my child that she broke my water too early in order to speed things along, causing my son to bob up and down. This bobbing motion kept altering my dilation from 7- 8 -7 – 9.5 and so on and so forth and also created another sac of water that had to again be broken. A belt had to be placed on me for the entire laboring process to try and keep him down. When he finally came out, he came out shoulder first. OW! When I went home afterwards, the recovery was absolutely awful. I was vomiting and in excruciating pain. They said “it’s because this was your third child and the recovery always hurts worse the more children you have”…
THEN, I had a midwife birthing experience with my fourth child.
Amy Reynolds and her team at the Ocala Birthing Center were absolutely amazing. I felt like they actually cared about me and my child. When I arrived at 1:00 am in labor they almost didn’t believe I was in active labor because, unlike my hospital birthing experiences, I was not in pain. I was laughing and pretty laid back, but upon checking me and discovering I was 7 cm it was clear that I would not be going home. Within half an hour of arriving at the birthing center I was fully dilated, but I didn’t have that severe urge to push, so they filled the birthing tub for me and I got in. After relaxing for 30 more minutes I decided I was tired of waiting and began pushing at 2:00 am. It was only when I started pushing and my water broke on it’s own, that it hurt. I let out a scream and nearly jumped out of the birthing pool, but luckily my midwife helped coach me back down. At 2:04 am Chloe made her entrance into the world. This birth was seriously the most pleasant experience. Upon going home, I fully anticipated that I would be in terrible pain because she was my fourth child, but it wasn’t bad at all. I had such an easy recovery and I attribute it to the non traumatic nature of my labor and delivery. If I ever have another child I won’t hesitate to go the natural route again.
I am so thankful for Amy Reynolds and her team at the Ocala Birthing Center for giving me such a wonderful birthing experience. “


It’s a Girl!
Weight – 7lbs 8oz
Date – 6/11/14
Time- 2:04am
Parents- Gennifer and James
Water Born at The Ocala Birth Center

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