Beautiful Births Documentary

About two years ago, I started photographing home births in Ocala, Florida. Six months later, I trained as a birth assistant and discovered my passion in life! My friend Jackie, whom I’ve know since high school, started working on a documentary around the same time.  She has a clan of amazing little boys and I have an awesome girl tribe. A spectrum of birth experiences among us. We both had our own journeys to becoming “birth junkies” but the end result and passion is the same.

This film mainly features local professionals and families sharing information and their own birth experiences. Many Ocala families that I have had the honor of serving have allowed me to share their moving images in this striking film. As Jackie and I prepare for the Ocala Sneak Peek and Hollywood Premiere, we can hardly believe that it is time to share our passion with the world. We hope to educate women about their options, to spark a connection with others who believe birth looks differently than it is portrayed in media.

Beautiful births

PRE-SALE TICKETS are now available for both events in the Beautiful Births Documentary web store.

Go to the “Shop” star and it will take you there.

$10  Pre-Sale tickets available until 8/31 (free raffle ticket included)

$12 Tickets will be available on the night of the event

$8 Birth Center Clients (with the coupon code)

If you are part of the Hollywood Birth Center family, please contact Debbie Marin


The Ocala Birth Center family, please contact Jackie Korpela

to get a 20% coupon code for online ticket sales

If you signed a release form for Starry Eyes Photography or Starseed Pictures and your birth photos or story is featured in the documentary, Jackie Korpela has your tickets for you.

Everyone in attendance will receive a special 10% off coupon on any future purchase in the Beautiful Births Shop.


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