Welcome to the World Emma Rae!

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The first time I met Breanna was when she was in active labor. She had a big smile on her face. In fact, for much of her labor she smiled, laughed and joked! I sensed no fear in her as her contractions came and went. She would simply,  with the support of her husband, Ben, slow dance and breathe her way through them. She walked a lot and even did lunges, not fighting the contractions, rather giving into them. She trusted her body to do what it needed to do. As time drew near, and Breanna started to doubt herself, she was reminded of how strong she was, and it fueled her to keep pushing. Once she could reach down and touch her sweet baby’s head, there was no stopping her! Emma Rae was born in her home on September 11th, making it a very special day for their family. 7lbs and 9oz of perfection, she barely made a peep. Born so peacefully, as all the adults around her cried with joy, she sat quietly and just took it all in.

I just need to take a moment to brag on “Daddy” too.  Ben was awesome, a natural support, he was always around for slow dancing and positive words of encouragement. He could often be heard saying things that just melted your heart! There is such love and a strong connection between Ben and Breanna, it was breathtaking, watching them on their journey to meet their daughter.

Breanna’s midwife was Amy Reynolds of Ocala Birth Center. I have worked with Amy before and I love watching her work. Her patients trust her so much.  She listens to her clients, and makes sure they understand what’s happening.

Thank you Breanna and Ben for allowing me to capture and share one of your most precious memories.

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