Elizabeth and Andy~ Christopher’s Home Birth

In the early hours of the morning, I hear Amy’s phone go off. We were staying at a hotel in Orlando for the Le Leche League conference, and I was staying with her there, for this very reason. So with one assistant coming from Gainesville, another from Ocala, and us driving from Orlando, we all somehow show up at this home in Inverness right at the same time. We couldn’t have planned this better!! The home was a buzz with family preparing for the little man’s arrival. I can still smell the delicious quiches baking in the oven! Elizabeth was in the tub when we got there, so Sarah and I quietly started preparing the bed and room, while Sorell and Amy attended to Elizabeth. When it came time to meet Christopher, Elizabeth moved to the bed, this is where I started to photograph.  I love the expression on Andy’s face as he watches Christopher make his appearance.  Two special things worth mentioning about his birth….he started to cry when he was only half out of his mother (I had never seen that before!!) and  he had a true knot in his cord (another first for me). After I snapped a couple of photos, Andy cut the cord. The room quickly filled with family after the birth, as we all attended to Elizabeth and passed around Christopher. Everyone stayed present for the newborn exam, and made guesses as to the weight, none of us expected 8lbs and 5 ounces, such a big, healthy boy! I would like to thank Elizabeth and Andy for allowing me to share this experience with them. I hope these photos do justice to this memorable experience!

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