Hadley Rose

I was in Gainesville for Fest 11, waiting for Lemuria to take the stage. I love this band and I never manage to catch them playing live, this would be no exception! I walked to the Florida Theater of Gainesville, where my fiance Dave was managing security. I told him that I got the call for active labor and needed to get back to Ocala. The awesome man that he is, he managed to get all the vans and cars blocking me in to move out-of-the-way. When I arrived, Kelley was in active labor and spending some time with her mother. Once her mother left, Kelley laid down in the room and tried her best to rest between contractions. Samantha was a sweet and attentive doula for her. Before she knew it, it was time to push  and soon, meet her daughter! Guy was so great with Kelley, he was attentive and gave positive encouragement throughout the process. Hadley Rose was born in her parents bed in the early hours of the morning with the sweetest little baby cry!

Weight – 6lbs 13oz
Date –10/28/12
Time – 4:35 am
Born at home

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