The Home Birth of Miss Alba!

Precious little Alba had a peaceful water birth in her home on November 9th. Regina and David were attended by Amy Reynolds, of The Ocala Birth Center, and her birth assistants, Sorell and Samantha. David was attentive and helpful, and Regina was such a peaceful birthing mother. I enjoyed watching them on their journey together to meet their little girl.  The mood was light, the birth was peaceful and beautiful. Alba was received by her maternal grandmother. *What a beautiful story for her grandmother to share with her some day!* Once the newborn exam was complete and everyone was settling down. Big brother Daymon came home from school and got to greet his new sister. He talked to her and gently stroked her cheeks.   After everything was said and done, everyone got chocolates and we sipped champagne, while we sang Happy Birthday to lil Miss Alba!

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