The Day That I Met Miles David…

The morning before my wedding, I awoke to a text message from James. His wife, Melissa,  had started labor around two in the morning and things were regular enough that I should head over there. After I got Aurora on the school bus and left detailed instructions and lists (wedding details) for Dave. I headed out to meet with Missy and James. It was a lovely day, I got to watch Missy work on meeting her baby. The midwife,  Amy ( Ocala Birth Center),  made quiches, one for everyone to munch on at the birth, and the other for breakfast on my wedding day! Missy and James took a walk and got some fresh air. Being low on energy, she would sometimes rest on the bed or in the pool, and do her best to relax between contractions. Amy called it early in the morning, and sure enough as the sun started to fall, Missy was ready to start pushing.  Just a fun side note, James and I took some lovely sunset photos from the backyard that evening. Once we both finished snapping photos of the colorful sky and fast setting sun, we knew that big moment was close. Miles David, was born on 3/8/13 at 7:45pm and weighed in a whopping 9lbs!

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Thank you Missy and James for allowing me to share your beautiful story!

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