Hunter’s Birth

The first time I met Heather was when she came into The Ocala Birth Center in active labor. With the support of her Ben and her sister, she did her best to relax during her rushes. Because she was so far along, she was able to get into the tub right away. Ben got into the water with Heather, gave her extra support. (I love the photo where he is giving one of the grandmothers a big smile, as if to say, “It’s really happening!” )  Heather appeared to have no fear, just trust in her body and the process. In between the rushes, she would smile or laugh. Not like a “funny” laugh, more like a little  “I can’t believe I am about to meet my son!”  laugh. It was so heartwarming! The music quietly played in the background, as we all watched in awe, as Heather opened up to meet her son.  As second stage approached, Heather decided to try pushing on the bed. It wasn’t very long before she was holding sweet Hunter in her arms. It was such a precious and peaceful meeting! The room quickly filled with all of the family members, that were hanging out, just waiting on word that the time had come. Hunter has a big brother, Harvey, who was stoked to meet him! Everyone had a chance to love on the new family and then we all left them some alone time to bond. The newborn exam was performed right on the bed and the birth assistant, Sorrell, explained the process as they went through it. A few hours after the birth, her post care was complete and Heather was able to return home with her family to rest and bond. Thank you to Heather and Ben for allowing me to share your story and photos!


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