Congratulations Lindsey and Beau on the home waterbirth of their first child!

Londyn Danielle arrived on 9/4/13 at 9:41pm weighing in at 8lbs 6oz!

Lindsey was attended by Amy Reynolds L.M.  C.P.M. , of The Ocala Birth Center. Kristen and I were there to assist. We could hear the living room filling with excited family members as we watched Lindsey prepare to meet her little girl. She was incredibly strong and calm as things became more intense. I was so impressed, that as a first timer, she had so much trust in her provider and her own body. She integrated so well to what was happening and didn’t let it overwhelm her. Pushing is such tough work, but LIndsey is such a trooper! She mustered all the strength inside of her and pushed until her sweet baby was in her arms. ❤ Beau did an awesome job of supporting Lindsey, at one point, I was wiping sweat off of both of their brows! Sometimes support people need support too. You could see in his face, how in awe he was at Lindsey’s strength and determination. It always really cool to witness a couple’s love and bond strengthen through the journey of birth!  Best wishes to Londyn, Lindsey, and Beau. You are a lovely little family, and I am honored to be allowed to share your beautiful birth story.

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