Harmony Marie

Celia arrived at The Ocala Birth Center in active labor and with so much pressure that she felt sure that Harmony would be Earthside soon. We had been expecting her, so I prepared the birth room in advance and got the warm water running right when she arrived. She climbed into the birth tub and did her best to relax as Jared supported her. Made small adjustments to make everything just right…. towels over the birth pool liner plastic, trading out nature sounds music for scripture lullaby. The pressure was intense but Jared rubbed her neck and shoulders as she slowly breathed her baby down. As Harmony left Celia and entered the birth pool, Celia smiled widely and kissed her husband. The look of bliss and relief beaming in her face. They both quickly reached down into the water and lifted Harmony to Celia’s chest. The whole room was so quiet as she was born, it was such an incredible and peaceful entrance! Later, everyone moved to the bed. Celia and Jared gazed lovingly at their daughter and said a prayer over her. A little later,  loads of family came by to welcome the new addition. Big sister, Arianna, was very excited to meet her new sister! She even got to hold both her new baby and her new sister at the same time. She was pretty excited about it! I didn’t get to meet Celia until near the end of her pregnancy. Her and her family reside in the Dominican Republic. She transferred care to us later on. I respect the work that they do, the love and service they provide. It was an honor to serve them at this most intimate and amazing time!  Thank you to Celia and Jared for allowing me to share your incredible birth experience!

Congratulations Celia, Jared, and big sis on the very speedy waterbirth of Harmony Marie!

She arrived at The Ocala Birth Center on 2/10/14 at 6:24pm weighing in at 7lbs 8oz!

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