Kristian Bryant

I first met Stephanie when I photographed her brother’s wedding. (Feel free to look back at Sara and Nik’s Wedding post from last September!) She was in the wedding party and we immediately started talking about her pregnancy and when she found out that I worked at The Ocala Birth Center, she excitedly told me that she had heard many good things about us and she wanted to transfer over to our practice. I assured her that it is never too late to switch providers and gave her some information about setting up a consult appointment.

Stephanie reported to us that she was having contractions, and came into the birth center in active labor early on Saturday morning. Kenny stayed close and offered support as Stephanie integrated into the rushes. She did an incredible job of relaxing during and between the rushes. We could all see how hard she was working, but she never complained or moaned. You could tell that she understand that what her body was doing was vital and right. She worked so hard, helping guide Kristian down, and little Kristian eventually made his entrance into the world, flipping us the bird. NO LIE! I was able to capture the moment, and though the image was too intimate to share on this page, his parents will get a kick out of it!

Both Stephanie and Kenny had family waiting on the birth. They eagerly listened at the door as little man made his way into the world. After Steph, Kenny, and Kristian got their “Golden Hour” of intimate bonding and nursing, the family filed in to greet the new addition!

I was honored to be able to attend this birth, and in awe of Steph’s courage, strength, and determination. Thank you for allowing me to share these images and your birth story. ❤

Congratulations to first time parents, Stephanie and Kenny, on the birth of Kristian Bryant.

He arrived with his hand on top of his head at The Ocala Birth Center on 2/8/14 at 8:25am weighing in at 7lbs 8oz!

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