Roman Emrys

Crystal came into the birth center in the wee hours of Friday morning. Her daughter, Liliana, was excited about witnessing the birth of her brother. She put on her bathing suit and joined her mama in the birth pool. She had many great things  to say, and she did her best to stay quiet when her mama was concentrating. After some time hanging out in the birth pool, her mama started to have the urge to push, so Liliana got out of the pool at that point. As the pressure got more intense, Liliana did her best to encourage her mother. Such a doula at heart! She would remind her mother to relax and imagine what the baby would look like when it got to be too much. She had the birth support all in tears with her beautiful, loving support.  Amy, the midwife, explained to her that Crystal would be making some sounds during birth and that there may be some blood in the water- but those things were normal and okay. I explained that mommies sometimes make noise during birth, not only because of pain, but that sometimes making those sounds helps mama have more power in her push. She seemed to understand this, and she bravely stayed and watched as Crystal gathered all her power and pushed out little Roman!! Crystal reached down and lifted Roman to her chest, once he made his first cries, the room erupted in celebration!

Congratulations Crystal, Shaun, and big sister Liliana on the waterbirth of Roman Emrys Grant!

He made a speedy entrance at The Ocala Birth Center on 2/21/14 @ 3:11am weighing in at 8lbs 6oz!

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