Aliana Amelia

Katlin and Ben have two sons, Blayde and Benton. So the whole family was pretty excited at the prospect of adding a little princess into the mix! We had some early warning that labor was impending, though too early to hang out at the birth center. So they got family to keep the boys and they took advantage of some last minute couple bonding time before labor really kicked in. We left the birth room set up and ready for them, including positive reminder signs that Katlin crafted for the event. Ben wore his purple Kool-Aid shirt, the same shirt he wore to every one of his children’s births. What a sweet tradition! Once active labor kicked in, everything went pretty quickly. Ben was so supportive and loving.  Aliana is a big girl and Katlin had to harness so much strength to birth her. Aliana joined us earthside at 12:52 PM weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 10oz!

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