Happy Birthday Tiffany!

Tiffany is one of the first friends I made after moving to Ocala, nine years ago. We put together a local “Punkymoms” playgroup. Met other families in the area, and through potlucks, parties, playdates, crafts and activities; we all became the best of friends. Over the years, people came and went. In the end, we still have a couple of super tight bonds that stood the test of time. Tiffany is one of those friendships. We have shared highs and lows. Her family moved their converted bus home onto the property a little over two years ago.

We became neighbors,  and eventually, family.

Tiffany is kind, sweet, creative, crafty, patient, friendly, silly, and out-going. She is a vegan, and strongly opposes animal cruelty. Takes the time to  homeschool both of her daughters. She also keeps an eye on my girls when I have to leave to shoot a birth. She is always there to help family or a friend. It is in her nature to nurture. Her beauty shines right through her! She is my favorite model, and I have photographed her many times over the years. Did I mention that she crochets like a machine?!? Seriously, she is incredible!

Happiest of days to you today, Tiffany! Thank you for being you. Thank you for sharing our lives. I cherish our friendship. I hope we always will be neighbors and family.

Here is a collection of memories from the last nine years:

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