Praying for Tristan

Please allow me, for a moment, to tell you about Tristan. First off, Carol, Tristan’s sweet mother, is a close friend of mine. We have been close friends for years. I was with her the night she met Tristan’s father. When Carol found that she was expecting, I would sometimes accompany her to visit her midwife (the same midwife I work for now). When Tristan’s father went back on the road, Carol was a strong and determined mama that did what she needed to survive and provide for her son. When her water broke she labored at my home and I went with her when she made the transfer to Shands hospital for his birth. On his first night earthside, I stayed at the hospital with them. I helped Carol establish breastfeeding, and wore the  “daddy band”. After they discharged her, she spent a month at my home recuperating. The first time I handed Tristan to my husband, my husband cried. He instantly fell in love. I will always appreciate Little Man helping me to soften Dave up a bit.

Tristan and his mother Carol would visit often after that. She would always bring us home-baked goodies. Tristan loves to run around the yard, playing with the animals. His face lights up when he sees our girls, he recognizes them. They have always been a part of his life. At 19 months, he is already a seasoned traveler, but he knows home, and he knows his people.

Tristan and his mama have been traveling for the summer. They did the same last year, and we all excitedly awaited their return in the fall/winter so we could catch up. Our hearts are always heavy when they set out on their travels, because we miss them and we know that he will just grow so much while they are gone, and we will miss it.

On Sunday night, Tristan hugged a dog that was tied up. A dog that he had hugged and kissed many times already that day. This time, the dog turned on him, mauled him. Our sweet baby boy. He was in surgery for 6 hours, reconstructing his face, reattaching his jaw. My heart aches that I can’t drop everything, and go be with them. I want to scoop that poor baby and his mama up and hold them tight. I wish I could take it all back, make it right.

If you are the praying type, I plead that you keep Carol and Tristan in your thoughts and prayers. Carol is a loving and attentive mother and I can’t imagine the heartbreak that she is experiencing right now. Tristan is such a sweet and special little dude, and he has a long road ahead of him to recovery.

If you are interested in helping beyond just prayer: there has been a fund set up to help with medical costs, etc. Any little bit helps. Thank you.


One thought on “Praying for Tristan

  1. Update on Tristan: He left the hospital today! They will be staying at Ronald McDonald house. He will still be back and forthwith hospital visits for 6 weeks-3 months. They aren’t sure yet. He may also need plastic surgery in a year or so. Mama is staying strong but also just wants to be home.

    I feel like this is so much harder for her, being away from family. Dealing with all of this so far from home. PLease continue to pray for and support them anyway you can. ❤

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